Why learn a language?

There are many benefits to learning another language, let us show you some of the reasons why you should start today…

Nine reasons you need to learn a foreign language with Wee Love Languages

  • It’s fun!

…because I’m fun?! Yep probably. I am so passionate about languages but I also love dancing, singing at the top of my voice and using my imagination. Adult learners love the informal teaching style and perhaps the reason children love my classes so much is because I know how to have fun.

  • I have been a learner

I’ve been learning languages for 16 years. I know what it means to be an English speaker learning another language. So I know when you students find something difficult to understand. Therefore, I will always relate to how I learnt the language and try to explain and associate the difficulty with something in English. Native speakers very rarely are able to tell you why they say something a certain way…that’s where I can help!

  • Being bilingual is impressive, isn’t it?

How many times have you been on holiday and been impressed that the waiter knows how to speak to you in English? Imagine if you or your child could speak another language to that waiter…he would be impressed!

  • The rest of Europe knows the score

Parents across Europe are encouraging their children to learn another language from an early age. They send them to language academies at the weekend, after the school day or bring in a tutor and they learn English, French, Chinese etc. How many language academies/after schools clubs exist here? Surely we should be doing the same for our children?

  • Enhanced learning

I work with schools to find out if there are any specific topics that the children are learning about. To enhance their learning, I will try to include this into the class. For example, if the children are learning to multiply, we’ll do it in a different language during a game. Multi-tasking = multi-learning!

  • Develop key skills

I’m talking about listening, speaking, reading and improving your memory. All essential skills in life that can be improved through our classes no matter whether you are 4 or 74!

  • Develop personal skills

Before I started learning a language, I was shy and reserved. If you know me, you’ll know well that I am completely the opposite now. Of course being asked to speak another language can be embarrassing, however, in class I always try to build self-confidence with a positive, encouraging attitude. We all make mistakes (I told my Spanish neighbour that I lived on the 40th floor…I lived on the 4th #redface) but from mistakes we learn. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

  • Learn about other people and how they live

New places, new cultures, new food and new traditions are all incorporated in the classes. Once we understand a culture a little better, personally I think we are more accepting of it. You are going to learn so much more than just a new language.

  • Open doors for a brighter future

Learning languages has certainly opened so many doors and opportunities for me which I am so thankful for.
Loneliness is something we hear often from older adults. Through our classes we give the opportunity to flourish and meet new people. It is a community and our focus is on communication, well-being and language learning. Sound good?
We give children the chance to flourish and open as many doors for them as we can while they’re young. Open that door of second language learning and you’ll open the door to the world for their professional career. They deserve it!